Agadashi Tofu | $4.95
Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce / make it spicy for $1

Sashimi Salad | $12.95
Mix of fresh green leaves with assorted sashimi served with our signature house dressing

Edamame | $4.50
Steamed green beans with a hint of sea salt

Chicken Karaage | $6.95
Deep fried chicken balls with crunchy batter (5pcs)

Goma Ae | $4.50
Boiled spinach with delicious sesame dressing

Ika Karaage | $7.50
Deep fried squid with crispy batter

Gyoza | $5.50
Pan fried pork and vegetable dumpling (5pcs) / make it deep fried at no cost

Korokke | $5.50
Deep fried kabocha pumpkin filling with side salad served with ponzu sauce

Garden Salad | $6.95
Mix of fresh greens served with signature house dressing / add smoked salmon for $3

Tuna Tataki | $10.95 
Lightly seared raw tuna served with sweet and citrus base soy sauce (7pcs)

Seaweed Salad | $4.50
Laces of seaweed mixed with vinegar based sweet and sour sauce

Salmon & Scallop Carpaccio | $10.95
Salmon and scallop sashimi topped with variety spice peppers served with sweet sesame sauce

Tako Carpaccio | $13.95
Sliced octopus sashimi topped with variety spice peppers served with sweet sesame sauce (6pcs)

Tako Wasabi | $5.50
Small pieces of chewy raw octopus heavily flavoured with horseradish

Yakitori | $6.95
Grilled chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce (2skwrs)

Ebi Mayo | $8.95
Fried shrimp with tail enriched with Japanese mayo based rainbow sauce (5pcs)

Asari Sakamushi | $10.95
Boiled clams in water with a hint of sake



Miso Soup

Miso Soup | $1.50
Famous Japanese soybean-based stock

Asari Miso Soup | $3.50
Miso soup with clams



Plain Sunomono | $3.50
Clear noodles in sweet and sour vinaigrette topped with fresh cucumber and carrot

Ebi Sunomono | $4.50
Sunomono with pieces of shrimp

Tako Sunomono | $4.75
Sunomono with pieces of octobpus



Appetizer Tempura | $7.50
Mix of seasonal vegetables and prawn tempura (6pcs)

Yam Tempura | $7.50
Yam vegetable tempura (6pcs)

Vegetable Tempura | $7.50
Mix of seasonal vegetable tempura (7pcs)

Prawn Tempura | $8.95
Shrimp tempura with tail (6pcs)

Yam & Prawn Tempura | $8.95
Yam and prawn tempura (7pcs)